Monday, May 21, 2012

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Health and Beauty Tips for sleeping problem.

Sleep is the essential things for human. Man can not live without rest or sleep but it is vary on man to man animal to animal how much time he sleep or take rest.Usually human being seems to be 6-8 hours sleeping time for adult person different for child or older and illness person.Do you know food are responsible for our sleeping problem. Now a days most of the young or adult person feel this problem strongly.Long time awaking turns to a disses that is sleeping problem.Sleep can change your health condition.There are many cause whats are the responsible for sleeping problem such as food, tension disses,   atmosphere,bed etc.                                                        

Today we are gonna to discus about what food are responsible for sleeping problem.

There are few foods whats make you drowsy and few on of them trouble to sleep. According to the statistics, beverage are the mostly owe for sleep trouble.Alcohol including food and no need to mention about smoking it is the best cause of sleeping problem.

Other side Carbohydrate-laden including foods help to make a man drowsy, i mean it make us easier for a sleep-inducing amino acid what is called tryptophan.We can get Tryptophan within many food.Such as milk and cereal, cheese and crackers or peanut butter and toast
At night if you take a big meal also can make you sleepiness, particularly when it contains heavy in carbohydrates.
With food fruits are also trigger to sleep, mango highly recommended that it increase sleep time and make drowsiness.
If you take any Caffeine in the late afternoon or before bed time ,it can make you drowsiness, but can lead to trouble sleeping.

Energy drinks and alcohol also responsible for drowsiness.

Who are feeling this kind of problem should avoid that kind of food what is responsible for sleeping problem.

Everybody should mind it that a sound sleep sound mind .
Have a nice sleep with sweet dream

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