Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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Special Beauty Tips For Summer

Although Summer is a rough and awful for tropical country such as India Pakistan United Arab Emirates but it is rejuvenate time for us.Summer sun can be very harsh on your soft skin and make a deep change of our your natural looks. Summer sun which contains (UV)Ultra Violate ray spoil  your face and body skin.Summer season most of our body stay uncovered almost all times.Therefore we should take a special take cake of our skin in this season.
In summer everybody loss water from body by extra perspiration which can bring many diseases for our body.Our hair and skin just looks like dry frizzy and mud.It also decrease our skin age and eye shadow becomes a greasy pool.However we can not change our weather but we can protect us by taking few of special tips. Today we gonna to get everybody few special tips for summer.

Special tips for summer:

1.Every body should take bath at least twice for a day with cold water to protect us from extra perspiration but do not scrubs it make our skin dry and spend most of the time in pool if you can.

2.Avoid silky and Black colored dress and wear just a simply clean and washed cotton cloths which is not so long and not so short.

3.Without you shower splash your face for 4-5 times in a day with clean cool water.

4.Whenever you will come back from outside take juice of cucumber, orange or sweet lime and mix it with ice tray in the refrigerator allow it to freeze. Apply few cucumber, Tomato, lemon cubes on your which make our skin fresh and shiny.

5.Use umbrella when you will go outside it will protect your skin from UV Ray of summer sun.

6.When you will go to outside i mean sun shine use sun block cream or lotion before going out in the sun.
7.Be aware that mosquito or any other bee can not sting you.

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