Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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Top 10 Tips To Prevent hair Loss

Most of the people think that hair is the most important asset of women it is not true.Hair is not only asset of women but also a man.Hectic lifestyle are mostly responsible for hair loss or hair fall.An older person loss his or her hair but if anyone young loss hair he will appear old it is really sorrows for them. There are few cause therefore someone can loss them hair such as dirty hair,tension,dandruff,lack of vitamin B and E complex,etc.Today we will try to discus how we can get rid of hair loss or fall. Prevention is the better than cure, Everybody should keep mind this.

1.Always keep your head clean by washing any kind of good quality shampoo but should not use everyday it may turns to your hair loss.

2. Everybody should Massage them scalp for a few minutes every day specially who are fallen this kind of problem it will increase blood flow to the hair follicles and will prevent hair loss temporarily.

3. we should use few Herbs like Sage and Rosemary. It have been proved that it is effective to prevent hair loss.Such as Rosemary, peach leaf, sage, nettle and burdock should boil and get them liquid and use for hair wash on a daily basis.

4. Statistic show that a mixture of Aloe Vera gel coconut milk increase hair growth and reduces dandruff and hair loss.

5.No need to mention that always try to live without tension it not only increase hair fall but also maker of most of the disease of human body which is depends on blood circulation.

6.Curry leaves with adding coconuts oil and use, it has been proved that really helpful to prevent hair loss.

7.Eat fruits and vegetables which contains (Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium and Zinc) and drink adequate fresh water.

8. After getting your shower wipe your head and hair by using a clean towel.

9. Never pull your hair tightly specially who is a women it root out your hair and increase your hair loss.

10.we have to accept the fact that there is no definite way to prevent hair loss but a little care could prevent further damage and hair loss .But if you try to follow these advise then i think it will little prevent you hair loss or hair fall and will remove dandruff.

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  1. Are You Suffering From Hair Fall problems?Are You Searching For Solutions To Help your Hair To Re-Grow. Hair Fall is really very Common in Every person,Hair Fall Is more in men Than Women.In Women Hair Fall Causes very less due To many Suspects In life.

    In Daily routines there are many Factors like the unbalanced diets,Cheap Hair Shampoo,Weather affects Hair alot due to this the conditions of Hair Fall or hair Loss Causes.

    There are many Hair Fall Solutions some of them include;

    We Should Wash hair regularly, Be Sure that The Quality of Shampoo is best for your Hair because sometimes too much Chemicals can Damage your hair Strength.

    Give Gently massage on the scalp either whilst washing Use Natural oil Before Wash your Hair, It will reduce the Various Problems like acne,pimples and sores on scalp.

    Daily Try different Diets which includes proper vitamins and try to include leafy greens and fruit portions in to your daily diet.

    Give Natural treatments to Your hair take advise from your Dermotologist.create a mixture of coconut oils and lime juice rub all over the head before washing.

    Hair Fall is likely to be temporary and is normally result of hormonal changes Which taking place within the body.The only solution is to calm down and try to relax. Don't Get stress about the little things Which can cause big problems for your hair.

    Breastfeeding can also Cause Of Hair Loss Because It is a natural Condition When you have recently had a baby or are breastfeeding, It may Increase with this time.

    Stress can also cause Hair Fall If you are suffering From this problem then Take Advise From your Doctor.

    For More Tips Stay tuned With us We will give you The Way To Discover How to Help your Hair to Re-Grow

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