Friday, June 29, 2012

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Beauty and Health Tips For Monsoon Season and Defination of Monsoon Season

What is Monsoon Season?
Every summer, southern Asia and mostly India, is drenched by rain that comes from moist air masses that move in from the Indian Ocean to the south. These rains, and the air masses that bring them, are known as monsoons.Each year, starting around the beginning of July, Arizona enters into our wet monsoon season. On average, 56 days between July and September are monsoon days. A monsoon day is any day the average daily dew point is 55 degrees or higher. However, this doesn’t equate to lots of rain. The average amount of rainfall for the entire three-month period is 2.45 inches. And that is 32% of Arizona’s yearly rainfall!
Characteristic of Monsoon:
If you are in Scottsdale during monsoon season, you’ll want to exercise some care. During this season, you may see late afternoon darkness caused by cloud cover, strong winds, and short rainfalls. The temperatures will drop a few degrees, but still will be hot. Lightening is particularly prevalent, so regular lightning safety must be taken into account especially in open areas like golf courses. During days of particularly bad storms, the local media will send out an alert, so please consult with the concierge at your hotel before heading out for late day desert activities like hiking.

A desert rainfall is an awesome assault on all senses. The sunsets and sunrises are amazingly colorful. And the lightning storms can be as captivating as a fireworks show. So with some thought towards safety and common sense, enjoy the monsoon season for what it really is, a unique matter.

Almost half of the world's population lives in areas affected by the monsoons of Asia and most of these people are subsistence farmers, so the coming and goings of the monsoon are vital to their livelihood to grow food to feed themselves. monsoon can mean disaster in the form of famine or flood.  At last we can say that a monsoon is a season which is always impact on our natural calamities. At a result, calamity always are changing.

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Health and Beauty Tips For Rainy Season

Rainy Season Health and Beauty Tips For You


There are fears of how to take care of your skin in rainy season. If you are beauty conscious and take a few simple protection, you can save yourself a lot of trouble over bad skin.

This is the time when you are going to face problems like limpness, greasiness and infections. The excessive amount of moisture in the weather  it is very harmful to the bright face. Therefore this is the most crucial time for you to careful to your scin.

The biggest skin problem during the monsoon is fungal infections. As fungus is born in humid weather, it easily grows and enters the skin throw wet pores. As a result, one develops itchy, circular, reddish, flaking patches on the body, underarms and around the breast in women.

 It is a refreshing season that makes you feel that beauty tips cane forgotten for some time. However as the intermittent showers pour high, you may notice some uneasiness with the skin. Here are some easy tips to maintain your youthful skin during this monsoon.

Dense makeup has a risk of being smudged and washed out severely and so light and sheer makeup is more advisable. Use waterproof mascara, transfer-resistant lipsticks and waterproof liners and may even use waterproof foundation, if it is a must for you. Indian girls can put their kohl  away until winters. Here are some tips to keep you pretty when it is raining cats and dogs:

Wash and cleanse the face thoroughly and rub an ice cube on your face for 5 to 10 minutes to lower the sweating rate so that the makeup stays put for longer period of time.

Women with oily skin can use astringent while women with dry to normal skin can use toner after the ice to cool and refresh the skin.

Do not neglect to use water-based moisturizers during rainy season to keep away the oily skin, acne and water loss due to perspiration and sweating.
Keep your hairstyles simple and easy. Elaborate hairstyles are more difficult to manage and redo and limp damp hair do not look good with them. You may use bangs and layered hairstyles instead.Bright jewelry is in vogue during monsoons but this is the minimalist year, so you may opt for stone studdedlight jewelry.If you must you blush, keep it light and blend it well. Cream blush in shades of pink, peach and brown can be used.