Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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How to be happy in Life and Top Tips For Happy Life.

 Happy is a term that is needed for men. So everyone wants to be happy. Everyone is different. so the nature of happy is different from person to person. Happiness is one kind of thing that do not get everybody for all time. Happy is a natural thing which is affected by many factors such as personality, health condition illness, social belief, mental tendency, satisfaction power etc. when a man wants to be happy, he must fulfill some aspect of a situation of a man. Happiness is totally psychological term. So it always rests on mental satisfaction of a man. But my opinion is that  a person can be happy if he fulfills certain satisfaction factors such as he has to be self dependent, self-satisfaction, positive mental outlook, friendship stylist, using fair language and accuracy, good health condition, maximum  earning power etc. for example, a man has sufficient money, self dependent, positive mental outlook but his health condition is not good, so in this case he can’t be happy. When a man is able to remove his anxiety from his life, he may be happy. A person with a palace can’t be happy but a person with hut can be happy. It depends on man own’s condition. A man express positive  and negative outlook by his happiness power.
Have a Happy Life.

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