Sunday, June 17, 2012

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How to Be a Healthy Man:Free Tips To Be a Healthy Man

Men are usually spend more energy than women. Men do more work and have more stress, spend most of the time outside in a day, eat unhealthy foods and don't take exercise that much.Although we spend out valuable time with busy but should not forget about our health condition. If we want to stay healthy should just follow few health guidelines.Everyday we should maintain few rules and get rid of us from few bad habits like smoking.Smoking is one of the causes of illness. Smoking is the roots of all human body diseases like lung and throat cancer and heart disease.It can lose 10 to 15 years of our life. Smoking will kill us.It is true that kissing a guy who smokes is like kissing an ash tray.Therefore more women are refusing to do it.Health tips are not only for men but also women specially young girls.

Exercise: Most men and women don't exercise in everyday. In a week  we should take three time exercise it will help us to maintain our weight.It should not be exceed than  Four to five times a week.Everyday exercise are cause of losing weight.

Eat a Healthy Diet:To be a healthy man we must maintain food habits.Most important to avoid out a lot of the McDonalds and KFC foods. Chicken, fish, lots of fruit and vegetables,all of this kinds of food have to include our everyday food menu.We have to know that which food will make us fat and which one will lose our weight.

Check up:At leas once in a month we should go for doctor to check up ourselves to measure our weight and  hide (for children and young), blood pressure, according to doctor recommendation.We should be more conscious about children and young girl and boys whose are having growth.

Sleeping :A sound sleep is sound mind. Nobody can be healthy who are specially in sleeping problem therefore it one of the most important things.Early sleeping and early rising is favorable to be healthy.

Live with healthy and tension free life


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