Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Rainy Season Health and Beauty Tips For You.

Rainy season is  very enjoyfull to us. But it is very hurmful to our skin.  There are also some skin disorders that are mostly seen in rainy season like red spots on skin, itchiness in skin, rashes and flaking patches etc.Our skin mostly looks oily due to moisture that present in the climate of rainy season. You can protect your skin from hurmful claimate of rainy season by following special tips. Those are given bellow. 

If your face or any part of the body comes in contact with dirty water, wash that area with hot water adding some antiseptic lotion and dry properly.

Makeup Base:

Beginning at the base it is worth mentioning that often the main cause of smudging is the excessive foundation use. Those who find it indispensable might still use a thin coat of it however it should be preferably water resistant. Moreover choose the right shade that’s closer to your natural skin tone.

Use  Umbrella:

You can use an umbrella. It is not only serve as a protector, but also you can look stylish by choosing a unique umbrella.Certainly many eyes will be attracted by your umbrella choice.

Lip Makeup:
Lip gloss is the top notch no-no beauty product of the rainy season. It might get in contact with humidity which can result in smudging and at least said unflattering look. There are several formulas and brands on the market that guarantee a long-lasting effect.


It is a common mistake that ladies seem to commit during each rainy season. Namely that they use a blush with an inappropriate texture. The rainy days scream for complex compositions.The makeup gurus often neglect the use of blush during the fall season instead practice a smashing trick.

Eye Makeup:

Rain immediately means waterproof mascara. Use of the proper makeup removers this problem will be also ruled out. Makeup artists also recommend switching the dark eye shadows with the more natural and sheer colors preferably also with a waterproof quality. The colors of the season offer endless options to look great even if the weather outside is gloomy.

Color Cleaner:

Rain is identical to the color gray and gloomy. You may not follow the gloom of it by choosing clothes, sweaters with black, gray, or color other grim. Leave the colors used, choose the colors of the rainbow that will make you look like a rainbow in the rain. Of course not need to select the seven colors. You can combine blue with red peppers, or yellow with purple eggplant. This will make your face fresh.

 It is best to circularize bounteous impressible bags during rains. Big bags are required to circularize your umbrella or raincoat. After all, you would not poverty to be stranded in the rains without one. Keep your pleasant cloth or smooth bags for another occasions. Stick to impressible during the rains as they order zilch maintenance.

It is a time of great fun to us when we can see the most attractive rainbow in the sky.

These are some beauty care tips that keeps your skin healthy even in rainy season.

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