Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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What is headache? The definition and prevention of headaches Problem.

Someday Everybody have been experienced a headache in  their life. headache vary on man to man.We can see three major categories of headaches. These are 1. Tension headaches, 2. Migraines, 3.Cluster headaches.Now a days Most of the people of the world are suffering from headache.Only 5 million people in Canada are suffer from chronic headaches.It is estimated that teenager are mostly affected by this problem.We have a bad habit that whenever feel little headache try to get medicine like aspirin its wrong way.Natural attempts should accept to get rid from headache which can provide great relief.

There are three major categories of headaches:

1. Tension headaches.
 2. Migraines.
 3. Cluster headaches

Reason of Headache:
 Tension is the mostly responsible for Tension headaches categories
 High levels of stress
Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
 Poor eating and sleeping patterns
Dietary triggers such as food additives or preservatives
Environmental factors
Prevention is better than cure.
Always try to avoid  chemicals and preservatives including food mostly tyramine which contain chocolate, aged cheese, vinegar, alcohol, sour cream and soy sauce.

Meat products that  contain nitrates include hot dogs, bacon, corned beef, bologna and pastrami. Nitrate-free meats are also responsible for this problem.

Stay away from the flavour of monosodium glutamate (MSG) has also been estimated that to be the cause of  headaches.

Drinks enough pure fresh water to don't get your body dehydration.According to physicians recommendation 90% of migraines brought by  Dehydration. Don't drink caffeine including drink.

Every night you should to get sleep a minimum of 6 hrs sleep, 8 hrs becomes perfect.

After finishing your work take enough rest, mind it that workout can assist to prevent headache.
Do some aerobic and yoga physical exercise in the morning what will increase flowing of oxygen in your blood sell through head.

Include more vegetables fresh fruits with your food menu. Protein containing food should not accept when you will feel this problem sometime it may cause of increasing of headaches.

We will recommend you to follow above instruction to relieve your headaches problem. Have a healthy and happy life . Stay connect with us