Thursday, July 19, 2012

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American Food and Recipes:History, Benefits, and List of Popular American Food Receipes

 The American food is complicated and infinitely better far more. American cultural conceptualization is in some ways in contrast to Western meals where animal meat is often considered the main food. The matter is that American food nation is democratic, not a elitist.The native people of the American were the first to be affected by the Europeans. The U.S. has revolutionized  its culinary culture over the last 40 odd years. Most of the part of the American, food didn’t matter in America  and being a chef was like being a plumber.American food was pretty simple, on par with Britain’s in its blandness.Today American Natives  need only  to their nearest grocery store to find an abundance of food.

History of American foods:

American Natives were healthy before the Europeans Inventions.They lived on the land and in some areas cultivated rice soils and grew crops.In a 1769 John Bartram, Benjamin Franklin observed that while lots of people like accounts of old buildings and monuments, “I confess that  if I could find in any Italian travels a receipt for making Parmesan cheese, it would give me more satisfaction than a transcript of any inscription from any old stone whatsoever.” Washington, D.C. which was a laggard in the American food revolution until relatively recently.Until the land and gold rushes of the 1800’s, most Native people in the far West and Northwest still had adequate natural food sources.

 Benefits of  American Foods:

Americans have made it clear that they want to take advantage of the health benefits of there food.
 Top benefits mentioned in the survey include calcium 92% and vitamin D 90% for bone health, protein 87% and B vitamins 86% for overall well being, omega-3 fatty acids 85% for heart health, and probiotics 81% and fiber 79% for digestive health.Super foods are which have a significantly higher nutritional value than most others.Pumpkin seeds are Native tribes prized for its culinary and medicinal value.

 Popular American Food Recipes:

American Walnut Cake:

American Cherry Pie:

American Pancakes:

American Beef Steak:


American baked cheesecake:

Cheesy Chicken Casseroles:

Bad  Side of American Foods:

The most vexing problem facing Chef Lyle is this  at cruising altitude, you lose about 20-30 percent of your sense of taste. Some American restaurant food is bad for your waistline and blood pressure.American food have a extra  sodium that contributes to hypertension. Meat or noodles contains  extra broccoli, snow peas or other veggies those are very harmful for you. 

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