Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Best Friend and Friendship Day :Boy Friends and Girl Friends Relationships.

Official name :International Friendship Day
Also called  :Friendship Day
Observed by  :Many countries
Type   :Historical
Significance  :
It is a day when all races get to learn from each other:)
Date  :
First Sunday in August (many countries), July 20 in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, July 30 in Paraguay
2012 date     August 05
Related to     Friendship
Friend is anyone who is known to me presently or longly. A friend whom I like more and can share everything. When  a person known as a friend , they help each other in trouble. Friends are people that can be looked up to and trusted. A friend is one who admires a person's skill and helps or encourages them to make real choice. A very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself. A friend who is frequently in the company of another such as in reading, in writing, in travailing etc. Friend is a person who is on good terms with another. A friend is can be classmate or other side working when he is included. Who is friend, he always tries to wish the best well.

A friend is a boy or a girl because a friend will be familiar as a friend only. A friend can be truthfully or lie fully. I think only they can be friend  who shares  feelings or opinions and hopes that  will be successful.Who are friends they must be posses many qualities. who are friend they have good habit and good behavior that will attract everybody. who are friend us everyone likes them and want be like them. A friend will be healthy  ,intelligent, and everything must be good.

They are not friend who are drinker, smoker, and bad behavior.Only they are friend who can be close to someone and they can really help you in tough situations and they understand you and if there a great friend then they'll always be there for you.who are not friend they could move away and thats always heart breaking, they could potentially harm you emotionally, they might not be who you think they are, or you could just grow apart from them.

Friends are really  great. When I was in 11th grade, I was the biggest loner, and I was not happy. When I was a senior, I became friends with some kids, and it changed my life. The advantage is friends help you. You can tell them your problems, your friends make you feel good about yourself, they make you laugh, they make you social, they can take your mind off the troubles in your life. My dad told me that true friends are the ones that always make you feel good. Hope this helps!

 I can say that friend  is a good thing as long as its a 50/50 deal. You dont want them to be exerting 30% on trying to be friends and your exerting 70%. I have personally been through that and i just distanced myself from that and now were more like mutual friends. As long as your great friends with the person and you have fun with them everything should be fine, but every once in a while you might hit a rough patch and just think "This too shall pass." thats a motto i live by.


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