Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Canadian Food Recipes:History and Special Canadian Food Receipes Names List

Canadian Food
Canadian food standards are the highest in the world especially those applied to fish and milk.Canadian foods are anything and everything. Canadian foods are Tim Horton's chili, phad thai, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Hamburger Helper, samosas, ketchup potato chips, etc. The Canada boasts a large fruit and vegetable production. Canada March is well noted for its Bib lettuce, celery, and salad greens. Brantford is popularfor its tasty vegetables. Milk fed veal  is raised around Kitchener. with Canadians lamb, modestly popular meat is raised for local markets. Recently a company in Mississauge, started producing oyster mushrooms and high quality Japanese shiitake. The Ottawa Valley is famous for its wild blueberries, which are far superior to  their cultivated counterparts. Ontario is sturgeon caviar from Lake Erie in the newest food items. They have begun to utilize the potential of Canada’s vast and varied food industry.

History of Canadian food:

Since 1942 the food guide has been transformed many times it has adopted new names, and new looks, yet has never wavered from its original purpose of promoting the nutritional health of Canadians.Canadian historians begun to contribute to the rapidly expanding field of food history cookbooks, and that most famous Canadian snack icon, the donut. On 21 May, 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled the new Canadian Food Labelling Initiative together, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food of Canada, he also ensure that Canadians can have greater certainty about the Canadian content of the food products they purchase. Canadian foods are supply increasingly global in nature and many Canadians are want clear information about the foods they buy.

Some Special Canadian Foods:

Beaver tail


Butter tart



Pouding chomeur

Canadian Drinks:


Bloody Caesar



Milk in bags

Adventages of Canadian foods:
The FDA categorizes createded products as either foods or drugs, drugs are include the subcategory of natural health products.
Regularly eating fish appears to protect men and women from heart disease.
Consumption of broiled fish 3 or more times per week 49% lower risk of death  from coronary heart disease.
The health benefits are important for oily fish like salmon.
Omega-3 fatty acids are important to the brain and nerves.
Eating fish is favorable promot for optimal brain function.
Omega-3’s are beneficial for the joint pain and auto-immune diseases.

Disdventages of Canadian foods:
 Fast foods are making the world unhealthy and impatient.The comfort amount of fat you eat are important you need some fat in your diet, but too much can be destroy  your health.Taking a very few calories when you are still developing can have serious negative effects on your health.

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