Sunday, July 22, 2012

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How To Publish Your Blog Posts To Facebook Page Automatically

The best social networking site is Facebook which is belong to PR-9and Alexa Rank-2.It is the world most popular site.To Increase your blogger popularity and get back link from Facebook Share your  Every blogger post to his/her site on Facebook. Now I am gonna  to show you how to publish your blogger posts automatically on your website's Facebook fan page.Though you can publish your post manually to your Facebook fan page. Just follow bellow steps to share all of your post to your Facebook fan page wall.

1.First Log in to your Facebook account through your real id and password.
Create a Fan page of your blogger or site
2. Now Click this RSS For Pages App and click Install.
3. Now choose the Fan page on your want to publish your blog posts.
4. Now click Add RSS For Pages and allow (Install) the app on your Facebook.
5. You have to write your website's title in Company Name field and write your Contact Number and check the box of Terms and Services, then press Save Changes.
6. Now write your Blog's feed address and choose the settings according to your need and press Save Changes.

 Note: Be patient that it may take few days to share your post automatically to  your Facebook fan page: