Sunday, July 22, 2012

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How To Upload any Video to Youtube and Share it

Youtube is one of the biggest sector or site to watch online video and share.We can upload our any video to youtube. Do You know how to upload a personal or any other video to Youtube.If you don't know please follow bellow steps to know it.
1. Go to and Please Click Create an account   Top of right Corner.
2.Fill up your all information according to struction (what they want?).
3.Verify your account (if they want).
4. Again go to this website by clicking on this link.
5.Find out and Click upload button on top
6.Click Select Files From your computer. Follow bellow image to get clearly.
7.Put Video Title Name, Description,and Tags,
8.Then Save it or It may automatically saved.
Please read the Copyright Tips of Youtube and Help Center

Note:You can Earn Money By Uploading Video On Youtube

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