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Kids Summer Health Tips : Kids Healthy Life in Summer Season.

Kids summer health tips
We all have childhood memories of the flavorful drinks that cooled us down after playing hard on hot summer days. For some, those sweet summer drinks are a wonderful memory of childhood, and you can provide your kids with tasty, thirst-quenching summer drinks that are memorable, low-cost, and best of all, healthy.
If you don't want to give your kids summer drinks that are high in sugar and high in cost, consider the following healthy, thirst-quenching drinks for kids. These healthy summer drinks especially for kids are sure to become favorites in your household, and these healthy summer drinks might just become part of your kid's most cherished childhood memories of enjoying delicious drinks with friends on a hot summer day.
Soda Pop Alternative
Soda pop is loaded with sugar, and diet sodas contain artificial sugar that some parents prefer their kids didn't have. A great summer soda pop alternative contains all the bubbles of soda pop, and all the vitamins and healthful benefits of fruit juice. Simply mix club soda with your kid's favorite fruit juice, and you have a fun and fruity soda pop substitute that contains less refined sugar and vitamins to keep your kids healthy.
Fruity Fizz
If your kids love the fizz of soda pop and the flavor of a sweet fruit smoothie, give your kids the best of both in this fun and healthy summer drink. Place fruit such as ripe strawberries, peaches, or bananas in the blender, and blend the fruit until it's smooth. Stir the pureed fruit into a glass of ice-cold club soda, and your kids can enjoy a healthy, fruity fizz that is sure to become one of their favorite summer drinks.
Sour Apple Punch With a Punch
Do your kids love sugar-sweetened fruit drinks on a hot summer day? Do your kids love sour treats? You can make a yummy, thirst-quenching sour apple punch that contains less sugar and more of a punch that ordinary fruit punch. Heat ½ cup of granulated sugar with one cup of water until the sugar completely dissolves. Pour it into a pitcher, and stir in four cups of apple juice and one cup of real lemon juice. Pour this sweetly sour summer drink over ice and serve. Your kids will love this unique and healthy summer drink.
Healthy Sangria Substitute
If you enjoy a glass of sangria on a hot summer day, give your kids a special sangria made especially for them. In place of the red wine used in the adult version of this drink, make this sangria with raspberry juice concentrate. Mix up a pitcher of raspberry juice, and add two large oranges and two limes that have been thinly sliced with the seeds removed. This colorful summer drink for kids will quench their thirst while providing the healthy benefits of raspberries and citrus.

Get Enough Sleep. Studies already show that late nights and sleeping in are known risk factors for weight gain. "When kids stay up late, they are more likely to watch TV and snack on dense, low-nutrient foods And a shorter night's sleep limits the body's production of lepton, a hormone known to promote satiety. That means kids wake up early morning and are quicker to reach for high-crab, calorie rich and healthy food.
It's okay for your child to stay up a little bit later during the shorter summer nights, but keep on hand late-night snack rich in nutrients like creamy, drink water, a handful of crunchy roasted nuts or fruit and vegetable.
In the morning, encourage healthy breakfasts smoothies, high fiber cereal or even a peanut butter and jelly food, even if it's close to lunch time. "Breakfast really is the most important meal of the morning. Lunch time take healthy lunch and go out home drink more and more water.
Stick to Good Sleeping Habits. Getting enough sleep is essential for health    so make sure kids stick to a set bedtime and wake-up routine. Enough sleep make their body feet and healthy.
Dress: This time is hot so always wear a soft dress. White dress is batter for this time.
Food: This time kids need to drink lot of water and healthy juch because it keep our body feet and healthy. This time kids need to eat fruit for their health. Good food keep them healthy and feet.
Cosmetics: This time people use to sun protection crime, eye shadow, cooling powder etc for our skin protection.  
Summer Health Tip for Kids: Hot Cars
It is imperative for a guardians to leave his children alone for any times with car. In the summer children get very sick and get heat stroke in any times. In this season children stay very danger we should take care of them.
Summer Health Tip for Kids: Fireworks Safety
Kids should never be allowed to play with any type of fireworks of any kind. Fireworks of any type give off tremendous heat and a serious burn or body part damage is always something that is possible when fireworks are being used. Fireworks should be left to the professionals.

Summer Health Tip for Kids: Poisonous Ivy and Other Poisonous Plants
Educating kids on the poisonous plants that may surround their play area is the first and most important step in poison prevention. If poisonous contact does occur, make sure to have any over the counter medication or prescription medication on hand so that the medication can be applied immediately to the affected area.

The summer health tips for kids highlighted here can make for a more enjoyable summer for you and your child. While summer should be fun, laughter and good times, keeping that summer fun going can happen by following some simple summer health tips for children.
Another tips for kids:
The weather is getting warmer and the school year is almost over. Now is the time to start thinking about how to keep your kids safe and healthy throughout the summer. Here are ten great summer health tips for kids.
  1. The summer sun is extremely hot and many children suffer heat stroke every year. One thing to help prevent this is to make sure your child is drinking plenty of water.
  2. Many children ride their bikes around town during the summer. Bike helmets are a top priority to their safety. Make sure your child's clothes are brightly colored and that the bike is the right size for your child. These same rules apply for children who ride skateboards or scooters.
  3. Children with asthma often have a difficult time during the summer. Make sure you have your child's medications and supplies in a convenient and easy to get to location.
  4. Every shade of skin needs protection from the sun. Make sure your children are wearing sunscreen whenever they are outside during the day. Waterproof sunscreen is best for the days your child will be getting wet. Make sure to read the directions to know how often to reapply!
  5. Many households open their windows during the summer. Make sure open windows have screens so your child does not fall out. Window guards are also a good idea as well as moving the furniture away from windows. Many children are hurt or killed every year from falling out of an open window.
  6. If you have a pool in the yard, install a pool alarm. This will let you know if your young child accidentally falls in the pool.
  7. Use insect repellant if your child will be near woody areas or parks, especially in the evening when the mosquitoes come out. Also, do a tick check when your child comes in from playing outside in the woods or grassy areas.
  8. Children should not be left in a car alone. Aside from the danger of abduction, the temperature in the car will rise drastically from the hot summer sun. Children die every year of sunstroke due to being left alone in a hot car.
  9. Never leave your child alone near water. Floaties and rafts often give children a false sense of security and they may venture into deeper water when they shouldn't.
  10. Teach your children about stranger danger. They should know what to do in a situation if they get separated from you, as well as what to do if a stranger approaches them. Stranger Danger also applies to Internet use. You should know your child's computer passwords and have child protector software installed. You should also check the history of the websites your child has visited.


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