Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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Mexican food Receipes:History, Advantage and Lists of Special Mexican food Receipes.

Mexican Food: 
Mexican food is gaining popularity all over the world for many reasons. The Mexican foods have a wide spread range and you can taste combinations you might not have tried before. Original Mexican food is quite unlike the dishes found in most Mexican. You’ll find restaurants with familiar names and gringo menus, in tourist areas. Though it will often be over priced and it have not a high quality. Traditional dishes that is almost always excellent and not too spicy. Mexican cuisine has some spicy dishes but, first few days until your stomach has grown accustomed to its new environment. The Mexican recipes are very easy to find but if you want to make your own Mexican food, you can be as creative as you like best.

Mexican food is one of the world's oldest surviving cuisines and its basic elements may be turned back thousands of years. It has been always considered that the Mexican food to be very spicy. Mexico has given chocolate to the world it shows the Mexican food history as well as several other including peanuts, vanilla, coconuts and tomatoes. The traditional Mexican cooking to produce tasteful meals use of these native elements. With the arrival of specialties like pork, beef, wine and cheese from Spain those brought by the conquerors. The Mexican cuisine evolved, by integrating these European elements into their own traditional meals.
What is Tex-Mex Food?
Tex-Mex food is described as native foreign food. It is native for it does not exist elsewhere. It was born on this soil. But it is foreign in that its inspiration came from an alien cuisine, that it has never merged into the mainstream of American cooking and remains alive almost solely in the region where it originated.
Advantages of Mexican Food:
Mexican food has smells wonderful, tastes great, and is also very healthy for the young, kids and women.
There are many health benefits when it comes to Mexican foods; they are rich in vitamins, minerals, with low fat.
Mexican foods are an excellent source of the healthy which helps lower cholesterol and can help protect against breast cancer.
A single half-cup serving of beans can supply seven grams of fiber and a generous serving of protein as well.
Mexican food covers wide spread and there are many choices they are low fat and low calories.
Mexican food helps to increase your intake of protein, which you need for energy and to keep your muscles and healthy.

 Some Special Mexican Food:

Mexican Rice

Tacos Arabes






Disadvantages of Mexican Food:
The makers could spit in your food that is very harmful for health.

The Mexican food can be over expensive to you.

New Scientist referee that consuming Tran’s fat can raise cholesterol levels and dramatically increase your risk of heart attacks.
Eating too much Mexican food over a period of time can actually damage the liver more than drinking alcohol.

If you're control your weight and health, it's a better tips to cook healthy meals at home.

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