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SeaFood: History, Advantage, Disadvantage and Image of SeaFood

Seafood is any thing of marine life counts as food by humans.It is one of the most popular foods to the mankind ever since they started it with fishing. Seafood can be defined as fish and shellfish that are raised in a manner that protects not only the target seafood species but also the ecosystem. Consumers are certainely given a  little information about where their seafood is from. Seafoods include fish, shellfish King crab etc. Historically,mammals such as whales and dolphins have been consider as food, it happens to a lesser extent these days. Partly in response to a decline in U.S. fisheries, 84%of the seafood eaten in the U.S. is imported. About 1,700 different species of seafood from all over the world now available for sale in the U.S. Historically, sea mammals such as whales and dophins have been consumed as food, though that happens to a lesser extent these days.
History of Sea Food:
Sea food is not a nearly food, it has a great history .It may called “Historicall Food”. Harry O. Hahn Seafood which was a local seafood company based out of Reading, PA in the 1950s was founded by Adelphia.On 9th The owner Harry Hahn and Ran both a retail and wholesale business out of their location. Adelphia honors its founder by maintaining the corporate name of Harry O. Hahn Seafood to this day.Walter Hurleman and Donald Wentling acquired the business In 1973, and in 1975 opened a second location in Pottsville, PA. The third location that was called Adelphia Seafood. Adelphia thanks to Walter for his tireless efforts during his 34 years with Adelphia.The ancient river Nile was full of fish, shellfish and dried fish were a staple food for much of the population. Implements and methods for fishing and these are illustrated in tomb scenes, drawings, and papyrus documents had the Egyptians.
Good Side of Seafood:

Seafood averages less than 2% fat.
Fresh seafood have Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids have a  heart-related health benefits.
Fish contains lower amounts of fat and calories than most other poultry and meat products but    yet provides high amounts of protein.
Lower chance of dying from coronary heart disease and sudden cardiac death–20 to 50%.
Less unwanted blood clotting that could lead to a heart attack.
Sharper brain function including neurotransmission protection of neurons from injury and disease, rapid responses to hormones and improved brain cell repair.
Proper brain growth, development and a greater chance of childhood behavioral disorders such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity.
A well balanced diet that includes a variety of fish and shellfish can contribute to heart health and children's proper growth and development.
Reduced risk and several mental disorders, including depression, bipolar disorder, and mood disorders
Green ones are make men more virile, while black ones increase women's sex drive.
Ginger is increases blood flow to the genitals in both men and women.

Some Special Seafoods


Panzanella Salad

Bad Side of Seafood:
The women who may become pregnant, pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children to avoid eating Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel and Tilefish, which can contain high levels of mercury.
Take seafood to no more than 12 ounces per week.
Amnesic  shellfish poisoning  is caused by Domoic Acid in shellfish. 
Diarhoea,nausea,vomiting and abdominal pain are cased by oner taking of seafood.
The eyes should be glossy and moist if they are missing or the shrimp may not be fresh.
Seafood is one of the great way of a balanced diet.
The fishes have mercury in their bodies can have adverse affects on the health of pregnant women.

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