Thursday, July 26, 2012

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What is Junk Food? Types, Advantage and Disadvantage of Junk Food with Junk Food Image.

What is Junk Food:
Junk Food is food that has been produced for its pungent taste rather than for its health value. Any food has poor nutritional it's called Junk Food. It is great fun to eat and it can look very appealing. It looks very nice. A junk food has little enzyme producing vitamins & minerals and contains high level of calories.

What types  of Junk Food:
1. Beef Burger
2. French fries
3. Potato Chips
4. Cola
5. Popcorn
6. Crisps
7. Cakes
8. Biscuits
9. Pizza
10. Noodles
11. Pasta
12. Lemonade and various types of Junk food in the world.

Advantage of Junk Food:
Junk Food is very tasty and alluring. Maximum people in the world like the Junk Food.
Children's likes it very much. Old people also like this delicious food. This food is not good for our health but some important things keep our body healthy and strong. Good quality Junk food is need to keep our body fit and healthy. Healthy Junk Food help people to diet and its different taste help people to make their mind.

Disadvantage of Junk Food:
Junk Food is not good for health. It often contains added chemicals, which make it taste soothing but are unhealthy. It usually contains a lot of animal fat or sugar. Food like chips,  burgers, crisps, cakes, biscuits, are high in animal fat and Sweet and fizzy drinks like cola and lemonade are high in sugar so it is harmful of our health. When we eat  large amount of fat our bodies turn them into fatty tissue, and a large amount sugar can damage our teeth and skin. Junk food lacks the vitamin and minerals we need.

People like Junk food but it is harmful our body so we need to avoid this harmful food and we need to eat home made healthy and tasty food.


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