Monday, July 16, 2012

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What is Women Harassment and Eve Teasing Problem? Sollution of Eve Teasing.

Eve teasing is a social malady what is a form of harassment of young girls. Eve teasing or stalking is a real picture of affront to womenfolk and a stark humiliation. It is a bad practice of some miscreants and aggravates social values and customs . Eve teasing is a matter of great concern for the civil society.This evil practice is done by teenage boys and girls in  the full swing. It is also being practised  by rural boys and girls in broad  daylight. Places including parks,campuses picnic spots etc where women are being teased randomly. Stalking is eating into the entire society gradually.

 There are many cogent causes in the wake of eve teasing. Young girls commit  suicide being no longer able to withstand the agony perpetrated on them by eve teasers. The girls and their family have to undergo harassment for long. They hardly get justice because of legal loopholes. Unconsciousness and  carelessness of the guardians, abuses of mobile phones, lack of religious teachings,wearing see though dresses y girls, indecent postures of adolescent girls and lastly carelessness of the law enforcement agencies contribute a lot to incidents like eve teasing.

Eve teasing has an awful effect on the society. adolescent girls cannot move freely. They always feel unsecured outside their home. Even a trifle matter leads a promiscuous lover to throw acid on his beloved's body. Even, it results in committing suicide decisively. Bold and preemptive approaches can be taken for eradicating and curbing the coarse practice.Parents should be vigilant on the movement of their children

Proper use of mobile phones must be ensured. Watching obscene cinemas must be stopped.Use of filmy and diaphanous dresses must be prohibited. Even, law enforcers should play a pivotal role in tackling stalking properly.Stringent law should be enacted and its proper implementation is expected. The government should come forward to helping and taking some palliative measures to prevent the embarrassing situation drastically. 

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