Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Who is your best friend and Friends Quotes. How to Know good boy friend or girl friend.

Friendship is one of the most beautiful thing on Earth.Man can not live alone. He always wants to live together. Everybody  have a friend but best friend is different than other. A best friend can be a boy or a girl.It doesn't matter of gender discrimination. A best friend is really special than others. In the world the little pure love is better than other love. The sweetest love is lover's love but really love is best friend's love.

 A best friend is such a man who cares about you and who going on in your heart. A best friend is a man who makes you laugh when you are sad. A best friend is someone who will not judge you if you make a mistake. A best friend will respect the decisions you make in life and will lend a shoulder for you to cry on if needed. A best friend is someone that will try their best to not let any harm come to you.Best friend never do anything what may concern harm for your life
Most of us need friends to share our thought, share our happiness and sadness in life...However, not all of us know what is a real friend? how can you consider a person as your best friend? how you can express your friendship?
Who is Best Friend?
Best friend is a such relation that stayed longest and never forget one another. Best friend must be honest.Nobody likes a best friend who just talks and talks, but never listens. Whenever your best friend says something, you should must listen carefully and say something.

True friendship that best friend is like sound health, the values of it is seldom until it is lost. Is there anythings like laughing and smiling to bring people together that stay in best friend.

We never be angry if our best friend has another friend or someone who is always there. It may hurt our best friend's feelings. Everybody likes a honest man

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