Sunday, August 5, 2012

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How To Show My Profile Picture in Google Search With My Blogs Post.

There are many way to show up our Google plus Profile Picture in Google Search with My Blog Posts.Today I will Share Two way to show up my picture in Google search with my blog posts.Do you have Google Plus ID? If You don't have please create a ID and create a page for your blog. It is like facebook Fan page.Believe it or not, Google Plus page increase little bit backlink for your site.It will be more valuable if you have many friends and follower in your Google plus ID.You can share your post for your Google Plus Friends and follower.Just follow bellow steps to know How To Show My Profile Picture in Google Search With My Blogs Post.
First Way:
1.Just visit this to create and complete you Google plus ID and Page for your Blogs.
2. Notice left side to find out Pages If you can't get then Click More  Find out Pages and Click on it.(Follow Left Side Image)

3. Click on Create New Page

4.Complete Page by Putting Your blogs name, Url, and Image.

5.After completing your page click on your page.

6.Then Click on About(Follow Bellow Image)

7. Click Link Website.

8.You will Get a HTML Code Just Copy It, Go To Your Blog Site (Design-Layout-Add a Gadget-HTML/JavaScript)  Paste and Save.
9. Go Back To Your Google Plus Pages and Click Test Website 
10.Be Patient it may take few days to show up your photo in Google Search.

 Second Way: Copy this HTML Code Replace this ID Number by your Google Plus Pages ID and Put it your Blogs Site. Follow upper Number 8 Instruction to know how to put in your blogs
<a href="" rel="publisher">Find us on Google+</a>

Please Comment us to know more or if you feel any  problem  about it.

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